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How to download free music?

Jan 05, 2014

How to download free music?

It’s a common question for newbie internet users and also music lovers including me. This article is to find a suitable solution to download free music. This article is written from my practical experience. Once upon a time I’ve searched on google by different key words such as download free music, free music, free music download, free mp3 download, music download free, any easy way to download free music and so on. Every new internet user tries those keywords to download free music or to find a way to download free music. So now let’s find out some way.
Method 1:
Find some websites to provide the music downloading option or link. By this way you can download musics their provided download link. Here is some example of those sites,
a. Free music Archive
b. Pure Volume
c .
d. Internet Archive’s Audio and MP3 Library
e. Soundcloud
f. SoundClick
g. Noise Trade
h. iTunes
j. MadeLoud

Method 2:
You can use a download software. I personally like Internet download manager (IDM). To get this software you can visit here. But its not a free software. Some people suggest you can easily get a cracked version of this software by searching on google. For this you can use the following keywords,
Crack internet download manager

However install this software. Visit a website which provides the play option to listen music. Click play button. Now IDM provides a downloading option for you. You can also download video from YouTube.

download free music with IDM

IDM download option

There are also few more software you can use to download free music by this way.

Method 3:
Download mutorrent software from here. It’s a torrent file download software. Install it. Now you are able to download torrent mp3 file from any torrent music file provided site.